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Routine maintenance of all your home surfaces are vital to their longevity.   Our natural stone, granite, marble, glass, stainless steel, tile and grout cleaners and sealers will maintain the surface’s quality and increase durability giving you years of satisfaction.

Why Use Barrier Sealers Service and Cleaning Products?

Avoid Staining & Fragility – Traditional natural stone sealers are not designed to bond to
your stone surface. They are merely impregnator applications which means that as soon as
they are applied they fall into the tiny crevices of your stone leaving other areas vulnerable
to staining and daily use fragility.

Permanent Sealing Process – Barrier Sealers provides an actual Permanent Sealing
Process to the surface of your stone. Our unique catalyzing polymers and hardeners literally
alter the surface of your beautiful stone leaving you with a continually refreshed, smoother,
and cleaner surface guaranteed to last for the Lifetime of your polished surface with just one

Stone Shine

grout cleaner

Simply the best daily stone cleaner on the market! Stone Shine is a specially formulated daily cleaner for your polished granite and marble with a hint of polymer.  It is guaranteed to leave your surface feeling clean and smooth and it adds a layer of protection to your stone with each use.  Stone Shine is water-based, ph neutral, non-toxic, and food safe.  Available in 16oz or gallon here to order


Flor Kleen Concentrate

grout cleaner - perfect for all natural stone

Flor Kleen is a ph neutral water-based cleaner for all natural stone and tile flooring and shower wall surfaces.  Unlike other harsh and aggressive cleaners, our product is pH neutral (pH 7), does not contain any abrasives, chelates, acids, alkalis, salts, phosphates, solvents, d-limonene, artificial colors, or fragrances.  Flor Kleen also features a built-in impregnator which will refresh your Barrier seal and provide continual protection for your natural stone or tile floor and shower surface.  Flor Kleen will remove all dirt, grime, soap build-up, and other materials but will not strip sealers or protectants and will not dull or damage your delicate surface.  Available in 4 oz Concentrate (Yields one gallon) or One Gallon Ready-to-Useclick here to order

Granite and Marble Sealing Kit

Grout sealer - Granite and Marble Sealer

Barrier Sealers do-it-yourself granite and marble sealing kit. By using our proprietary three step sealing kit, you can now achieve the exact same results and quality of stone protection only previously available through our distributors. The resulting feel and look of your stone will certainly improve as well as the added peace of mind that your beautiful surface now has superior protection. Our sealing kit features a lifetime warranty against staining and visual clarity. One kit covers approximately 50 square feet of counter top here to order

True Gloss – Interior & Exterior Dressing

True Gloss Interior & exterior dressing for vinyl, rubber, plastic, & leather

A super rich concentrated water based interior and exterior dressing formulated to restore gloss and color to vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather. This extremely high gloss product can be diluted for greater economy or for a less glossy satin here to order

Kleer Vision Glass Cleaner & Sealer

Glass Cleaner

Kleer Vision glass cleaner is a refreshing and safer alternative to Windex and other conventional glass cleaners.  It is a water-based cleaner which also features our specified polymers so not only does your glass come out looking cleaner but it stays that way longer!  Excellent water repellency and anti-static properties keep your glass actually looking more clear!  Available in 16oz and gallon here to order

Granite & Marble Daily Cleaner

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any of our cleaners do not meet our customers satisfaction for any reason simply return any unused portion via shipping or to any of our retail locations for a full refund.  Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges.  Prior approval is required.  Visit our  PRODUCT REGISTRATION page to register your products, then CONTACT US with your request.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Visit our PRODUCT REGISTRATION page to register your products and ensure your satisfaction.