Concrete Sealers and Stains

Concrete Sealers and Stains… and now your favorite logo!

Barrier Sealers is proud to announce the launch of our new line of concrete sealers and stains designed for use in both residential and commercial applications.  Glossy or matte finish, tan, grey, blue? Customers can now get that custom look with our line of concrete sealers and stains. We can now also incorporate your favorite sports team’s logo or your company logo into the concrete! The possibilities are endless.

Please contact us for purchase options.  See our color chart HERE

Finally get that garage floor cleaned and sealed or get that stamped patio re-colored and re-sealed back to that original finish.  All of this at only a fraction of the cost of traditional epoxy applications.  We also offer solutions for troubled concrete areas.

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Concrete Sealers and Stains

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